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We, at Payunumbers have established a name for us across the global front by providing our clients with an exclusive range of premium domestic and international rate numbers. These premium rate numbers are the specialized telephone numbers with which specific services are provided during the calls. These premium rate numbers while charged on the higher side are used for business centric approaches to generate funding for the business and boost its growth by customizing its various application services.

Technical support, live chat and directory enquiries are few of the most common services of premium rate numbers. Besides this, text and audio alerts, mobile ringtones, weather forecast, competition and voting (for TV reality shows) are the other services that can be proved beneficial for the growth of the businesses.

Services to watch out for:

  • Session initiation protocol: Herein we start an interactive user session via SIP that involves voice and video calls through internet, instant messaging, chatting, gaming and so on in order to go with the essential and obligatory demands.
  • Interactive voice response: We initiate automated telephony system that interacts in human voice with the callers to fetch requisite information in order to divert the call to the correct recipient.
  • Customized solutions: With our client-specific approach, we provide customized solutions to match our clients’ specific preferences in order to let our clients procure the most effective and exclusive solutions.
  • Bespoke software: Also called tailor made software, it is developed to best fit the requirements of the clients/ users. With the help of it, we provide compliant and convenient solutions to all our domestic premium rate number users.

Domestic Premium Rate numbers

Domestic Premium Rate numbers are the telephone numbers that are restricted to its place of origin. It aids in getting access to all the domestic numbers within a particular country for inbound calls to generate micro funds for the businesses. For instance, a domestic premium rate number for HongKong enjoys access from all the domestic numbers across all its states and cities.

These calls though charged a bit on the higher side but the services and features attached to these domestic premium rate numbers make them beneficial and a must-have for every business in the current times.

However, the geographically restricted domestic premium rate numbers cannot be used for calls from other countries. For enjoying the access to international calls, Payunumbers offer International Premium Rate numbers.

International Premium Rate Numbers India, Philippines, Lebanon & Europe

International Premium Rate Numbers are the telephone numbers that aids the companies in generating good revenue from inbound calls from across the globe. With the help of these international premium rate numbers, most of the companies have enabled themselves to widen up there reach and made their customers accessible to reach out to them with great ease.

We at PayuNumbers work in tandem with the latest needs and requirements of the companies as well the customers to help the industries grow profusely.

At present, we are offering domestic and international premium rate numbers in over __ countries across the globe and aiding various companies across a wide range of industries to successfully and efficiently reach out to their customers and establish a name for them.

These premium rate numbers are in-fact one of the most preferred funding machine to many organizations these days. These numbers aid the businesses to en-cash on calls and get funded to boost business growth

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