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Payunumbers is all set to help you with two major types of payment methods; 7/3 weekly payment and 1/3 daily payment.

Session Initiation Protocol

Herein we start an interactive user session via SIP that involves voice and video calls through internet, instant messaging, chatting, gaming and so on in order to go with the essential
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Interactive Voice Response

We initiate automated telephony system that interacts in human voice with the callers to fetch requisite information in order to divert the call to the correct recipient.
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Customized Solutions

With our client-specific approach, we provide customized solutions to match our clients’ specific preferences in order to let our clients procure the most effective and exclusive solutions.
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Bespoke Software

Also called tailor made software, it is developed to best fit the requirements of the clients/ users. With the help of it, we provide compliant and convenient solutions to all our domestic premium
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premium rate numbers services
Real Time Statistics & Test Statistics
Find all your calls and test calls in our statistics; filter and group them as required for a complete overview of your traffic.
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Self-Service Numbers
Pick exactly the numbers you want, either 10 from one tariff or 1 from 10 tariffs.
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Payment Methods

Payunumbers is all set to help you with two major types of payment methods; 7/3 weekly payment and 1/3 daily payment. Furthermore, our team has devised automatic billing system, which helps in generating bills and process payments as per the requirement of payment teams. Well, the minimum amount needs to be 500 USD or EUR.

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Enjoy a fascinating deal of text and audio solutions from Payunumbers, for enriching the entire telecom industries, on global font. Working for so many years now.Payunumbers came into existence with the idea of serving the world with best of the customer care

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